Monday, 9 May 2011


Hi Bloggers :)

How's your day going?

Mine has been slow but eventful! It's going to be a long day for me today! Had a 8am start at university this morning and then started work at 1030am, going to finish off at 630pm! :)

Now its 1pm here, just after lunch time and my eyes feel like they are about to shut off sipping on some delicious Mocha to keep myself awake :)

Only one thing is motivating me right now is the gift award I received at work today!...It includes a Lush Shower has small glitters and smells soooo good! :)
Looks like this.... Have you tried Lush products? Do you like lush products? :)

Feel free to leave comments :)


  1. I am yet to try Lush but I am dieing to ;) I am following you :) Your blog is pretty interesting :)

  2. Hey Thanks for following, i'm following you back :)


  3. Tried it once. It is good. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. Like to follow each other?

  4. try it you will like it for sure, Lush is great and it's handmade for you! :)

    @ilovefashion..thanks :)

    @PAPS...Following you too :) thanks!

  5. i love sweetie pie, i recently picked up the joy of jelly and i'm not too crazy about it :/

  6. @Jeanine...Red wine is good :) Have you tried it? I'm following you :)


  7. i haven't yet, i want to try that! i want to pick up whoosh, because i love all citrus scents! followed you back :)

  8. i love lush!! all their products are great! :)


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